Get Your Rear in Gear® is an annual fun run event benefiting the Colon Cancer Coalition.  Amy’s college roommate and friend Vanessa Steinkamp identified the organization and worked with the Colon Cancer Coalition to get the first New York-based Get Your Rear in Gear race off the ground in June 2010.  Since then, the New York races have raised over $363,800.  Proceeds from the races have been re-invested in New York City-based organizations that work to increase colon cancer awareness and preventative screening.

The Colon Cancer Coalition is a non-profit organization based in Minneapolis, Minn. dedicated to encouraging screening and raising awareness of colon cancer. The organization’s signature Get Your Rear in Gear® and Tour de Tush™ event series are volunteer-driven in communities throughout the United States. Since 2004, millions of dollars have been granted by the Colon Cancer Coalition to local programs that promote early prevention, screening and patient support services for this disease. By making the words colon, colorectal and colonoscopy a part of the everyday language, the Colon Cancer Coalition helps to overcome fear and decrease deaths from this largely preventable cancer.  For more information visit ColonCancerCoalition.org

New York Get Your Rear in Gear Races:

Oct 17 2021 – Riverside Park
Register here: 

Oct 18 2020 – Virtual Race
participants: 42
number of teams: 14
Team Covey Love: 14 members
funds raised: $13,370

Oct 20 2019 – Riverside park
participants: 515
number of teams: 36
Team Covey Love: 38 members
funds raised: $78,000

Oct 21 2018 – Riverside park
participants: 567
number of teams: 37
Team Covey Love: 41 members
funds raised: $71,000

Oct 22 2017 – Riverside park
participants: 648
number of teams: 40
Team Covey Love: 44 members
funds raised: $84,349

Oct 23 2016 – Riverside park
participants: 400
number of teams: 37
Team Covey Love: 43 members
funds raised: $68,569

Oct 25 2015 – Riverside park
participants: 264
number of teams: 26
Team Covey Love: 44 members
funds raised: $63,836

June 8 2014 – prospect park
participants: 451
number of teams: 32
Team Covey Love: 32 members
funds raised: $66,489

June 9 2013 – prospect park
participants: 339
number of teams: 18
Team Covey Love: 54 members
funds raised: $54,686

June 10 2012 – prospect park
participants: 345
number of teams: 16
Team Covey Love: 45 members
funds raised: $63,230

June 12 2011 – prospect park
participants: 243
number of teams:
funds raised: $48,299

June 13 2010 – prospect park
participants: 405
number of teams: 19
funds raised: $67,302